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Shaoxing Gangfeng Medical Products Co., Ltd

Amser: 2022-04-02 Trawiadau: 8

On March 2, 2022, at the Economic Work Conference of Yueyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, our company was awarded as a private advanced enterprise with a tax payment exceeding 10 million yuan in 2021.

Changde New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the tenet of operating according to law and paying taxes with integrity. Conscientiously implement national laws and regulations and tax policies, actively undertake social responsibilities, and fulfill tax obligations. Under the low growth of the overall economy brought about by multiple unfavorable factors such as the rebound of the epidemic, the company continues to standardize enterprise operations, expand production scale, improve production efficiency, and increase efficiency.

The honor of our company as a private advanced enterprise that pays more than 10 million yuan is the full recognition of the Yueyang Economic and Technological Development Zone for our company's outstanding achievements in tax creation and taxation, and it is also an affirmation and encouragement for our company's economic development over the past year. Our company will also continue to contribute to the protection of national fiscal revenue and the promotion of local economic development.

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